JANUS - The best sales automation tool for your business

Product highlights


– A sales automation tool that can help you close more deals and save time

– JANUS, an intelligent sales assistant for brand and corporate

– Get real-time meeting confirmations from your prospects directly on WhatsApp after they’ve watched the video pitch

– Save time and money with our software solutions for businesses of all sizes

– The fastest way to boost sales, close more deals & increase revenue


The challenge of meeting with all of your potential clients and scaling up customer relationships is real. Establishing and maintaining many long-term, meaningful connections with your clients or customers that you know will last beyond the duration they purchase from you can be challenging.


You’re probably wondering if video chats will become the next big thing in marketing. The answer is a resounding “yes,” but not just because of their effectiveness; there’s also an opportunity for your company to take advantage! 


JANUS, a sales automation tool that can help you close more deals and save time, provides insight into how customers interact with products or services, giving companies valuable information about what messages resonate best across different cultures at various points during purchase cycles.


With JANUS, you can now send out meeting invitations directly to WhatsApp and get real-time confirmation that the booking was successful. Once they’ve opened the link, they’ll be able to watch a video sales pitch before confirming the order with an OTP.


After a sale, many things need to be done to keep track of the transaction and update the records. This process can be very time-consuming and confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the software programs involved.


JANUS is a complete stack sales automation tool that makes it easy to provide direct customer services via WhatsApp, whatever delivery confirmation, upsales, exchange, or return. With JANUS, you’ll have more time to focus on your business goals.


Our system has passed many security tests on the market; the user interface can customize and fulfill different brands’ personalized designs. JANUS already covers web versions, iO.S, and Android operating systems, and the solution has also adopted various traditional industries such as insurance, medical, and education.


The price of JANUS is flexible and transparent. With our team of experts, we’re always working on new features and integrations to make your business easier.



We empower the Communication Channels from Web2 to Web3.


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